Selling a House, Rio Rancho and Albuquerque

Thinking of selling a house in Rio Rancho or Albuquerque?

A great home, in a great neighborhood, in fantastic condition, at a great price will sell in any type of market!  These homes are called Cream Puffs, everyone knows when they see this type of home, and these homes sell FAST!

The single most important factor in getting your home sold is "Seller Decisions". What are the Key Decsions?

  1. Motivation
  2. Expectations
  3. Timing
  4. List Price
  5. Condition
  6. Showing Availability


Are You Motivated to Sell?  Do you have a difference between where you are and where you want to be, and a timetable to make it happen?


Are you realistic in evaluating your homes condition, list price, and market condition?


There are a lot of factors to decide on when to list your home.

When do you need to move?  How long will it take to prepare your home? What is the typical marketing time (Days on Market) for homes like yours?  How much time from contract to close (Escrow Period)?

When is the best time to list your home? Home Buyers are active and homes sell everyday of the year!  Historically the best seasons are Spring and Fall.

List Price

Every reasonable owner wants the best possible price and terms for their home.  Several factors, including market conditions and interest rates, will determine how much you end up listing home for. The idea is to get the maximum price and the best terms during the window of time when your home is being marketed.

In other words, home selling is part marketing, part science, part negotiation, and part art.  Unlike math were 2 + 2 always equals 4, in real estate there is no certain conclusion.  All transactions are different and, because of this, you should do as much as possible to prepare your home for sale.


You have only one opportunity to make a good first impression.  A home that is in market ready condition, one that really shines and shows off your homes best features will get lots of interest and sell quickly.  Click here to see a helpful guide to Maximize the Value of Your Home and to Minimize Predictable Buyer Objections.

Pre-Listing Home Inspections.  I highly recommend having your home Pre-Inspected.  What this can do is save you a lot of money by doing the needed repairs prior to listing so that you can shop for the best possible prices or do the repairs yourself.  Address anything that could lead to a prospective buyer cancelling the sale of the home due to inspection findings. 

Showing Availability

The easier it is for agents to show your home the more often it will be seen by potential buyers.  The number one objection we receive from buyers is having the seller, children or pets at home during a viewing. The buyer does not feel comfortable opening closets, drawers, etc. to really get a feel for the home. When the buyer does not explore, the buyer does not buy. If you must be present, please stay out-of-the-picture and don not converse with the buyer.